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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  December 20, 2009 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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give off the warmth and aroma that will delight your family with freshly baked goodns. it's never been easier to bake at home with pillsbury's baked goods. this is wjz-hd on baltimore. >> from the city to the counties to your neighborhood. now it's complete coverage. it's wjz, maryland's newse. station. historic storm, a huge sus tim dumps a -- system dumbs a
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record breaking snow? maryland. >> it's going to be hard getting the car out. >> tonight the road conditions and the first weather forecast. good evening, everybody, and thanks for joining us. that record snowfall is what people are still talking about and we have a number of new closings for tomorrow, so let's get right to the list. anna anundel pup lick schools. cease he will county public schools. frederick, hartford and howard county schools all closed on monday. now, those are the big ones for now but we have other advisories that will be running at the bottom of the screen and we'll update you on air and online. >> the temperature drops tonight, some of the snow and slush is now turning to ice. check out this video our wjz crews captured. it is hard going out there on some of those side streets and cruisers still hard at night trying to make sure the roads are safe for tomorrow. we'll have more on those efts in a few min -- efforts in just a
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few minutes. it is relatively clear but definitely cold out there tonight. derek is live in north baltimore. let's bin with bernadette woods. >> refreezing is the bigger skoon. we say the first -- -- soon. we say the first dop er the snow moved away. the storm has even made its way off the coast just in the last few hours moving out of new england. and there is a few flurries off the lake. that's about it. the snowfall total is 21 inches. that shatters the old december snowfall record of 14.1 inches and passes our annual record. so -- excuse me, not our annual record but the annual snowfall and tomorrow is the first day of winter. we're going to start it off on
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an icy note. ocean city down to 38 degrees and 19 in oakland. going in a little closer you can see everyone pretty much freezing. still 33 degrees in annapolis and long island. so anything that did melt is going to refreeze. that is the biggest concern for tomorrow morning on the rest of the forecast coming up. adam. >> all right. thank you. our first coverage continues with more as the state tries digging out from the big storm. derek. >> reporter: it has been slow but steady progress. a lot of the major roads you can see traffic just moving along fine here along falls road but it is the side streets where you can see that it looks like cars have been down this road here. but they real low haven't had a lot of -- really haven't had a lot of plows come through. some of the side roads still a mess when you're out there traveling. a big concern, you'll see a lot of salt trucks out and about tonight. you can see how hard some of this stuff getting because of that refreezing as these
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temperatures are dropping. they are worried about that refreezing overnight causing some more black ice and problems for the morning commute. despite progress following many of the roadways, tonight most drivers are still fighting a mess. >> it's really difficult. >> reporter: 2300 state crews cleared most highways down to the pavement but officials fear falling temperatures will cause some melting snow to refreeze, creating black ice. some drivers have already seen it that's why tonight road crews plan to lay down plenty of salt, but in extreme cold, salt won't help. >> if temperatures go low enough which they are predicted to do we will get ice. >> reporter: around the region, many side roads have yet to be plowed. officials warn highway on and off ramps may still be slick and dangerous. another caution at many major intersections there is a lane open. but what would be the turn lane,
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like this one, is still buried under snow. throughout the record-breaking snow, cars slid all over. and on sunday still am didn't move. police reported 195 accidents as the snowfall totals mounted. about half taking off. leaving the airlines scrambling to play catchup with means more than a few long lines with travelers hoping to start their holiday vacation. >> there is a lot of rebooking going on. >> reporter: those not traveling find themses digging. trying hard to get out of the mess mother nature got them in. crews all over maryland have to be working hard trying to make sure the refreezing overnight is not a problem. they're hoping the morning commute goes pretty smoothly. they say as close to normal but right now with the way these side roads look right now it
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does not look like that is going to happen. we are live in hampton, wjz eyewitness news. >> thank you so much. and as that weekend snow dumped around 21 inches local governments spend hundreds of thousands dollars clearing off the roads. sidewalks are the next thing to clean up. >> reporter: when the primary roads are all clear, the secondary streets and sidewalks are next in line for a click shoveling. >> the cleanup is a little hard, but the neighbor took my shovel so i don't have to do much work. >> reporter: with record level snowfall, the shovelling took hours, especially when neighbors chipped in to help others. >> we're helping the elderly. >> reporter: the department of transportation handled the snow cleanup. workers spread more than 4,000 tons of salt on the road by sunday morning. the city says its number one concern now is clearing side
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roads for first responders. that's firefighters, police officers and emergency medical crews. >> that is so important, particularly on the secondary roads because we have a number of medic trucks out and people are calling for emergencies it's increased since yesterday, in particular. and so we need to be able to have room to get people through those medic units through the streets to pick up people. >> reporter: while the snow added more weekend tours for people trying to clear their sidewalks and side streets, many of them say it's a job they want to complete before monday morning. >> the cars are going to be the worst trying to dpet your car out monday morning. i'm not looking forward to that? >> reporter: in baltimore county, there is progress too. a side street sweep up is all that remains. in baltimore, wjz eyewitness news. >> and baltimore city says so far it's spent a little more than $760,000 just cleaning up this weekend storm. and there was certainly a lot of
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cleaning up to do before the ravens game could get under way today. our first winter weather coverage continues live. kelly shows us that the snow obviously did not keep the fans away and they were not disappointed either. kelly. >> reporter: that is true, adam. it was quite a feet to get all of this snow in this entire campus cleared away and put into these huge piles so that thousands of fans could come to the game. i spoke to one worker who was here all weekend. he says his staff only got a couple of hours of sleep since friday night and that was in their pickup truck. >> it's been very long and exhausting. >> reporter: martin weaver is one of hundreds of contractors who helped clear out the bank stadium this weekend; just in time for sunday's game against chicago. >> we started plowing about 11:00 friday evening. we never stopped until 3:00 this afternoon. >> it was chaotic at times getting everybody here to get started. i mean, the snow came so fast. >> reporter: any lingering snow was put to use by fans as
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companionship or chilly cushions. this was on the chicago side. >> huge piles of snow like this one are everywhere all around the ravens campus and the parking lot, but it's not slowing down any of the ravens fans. >> reporter: some fans took the advice and used the light rail to avoid covered roads. >> they said not to drive. they hadn't had the -- the plow hth been through on a -- hadn't been through on a lot of the streets. >> i was very scared wondering if it was going to work out to be able to make the game. whether they were going to play monday, tuesday. >> reporter: kickoff was delayed three hours. fans dressed warmly were excited to be a part of the rare chance to tailgate in more than 20 inches of snow. >> we've been to every game this year. we were not going to miss one. >> reporter: so what did you do to stay warm? >> wore gloves. >> reporter: the crowd was insane. and rubbing in the win with the losing chicago bears fans.
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>> show them your jersey. yes? made the perfect end to a chilly sunday. trucks are supposed to be out here until just about this time to put out salt and move the rest of the snow around. tomorrow they start bright and early at another big job which is to help out at bwi airport. reporting live from the stadium, kelly wjz eyewitness news. >> great costume change he had there, kelly. thanks so much. and the ravens did win tonight. 31-7. we'll have all of the highlights and post game reaction coming up in sports. one of the big stories that evolved at m&t bank stadium tonight. >> love is in the air during the holiday season here in baltimore. before the game, santa claus. >> before kickoff, old saint nick to one of the ravens cheerleaders. it wasn't too long before she recognized who the santa was.
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he did get down on one knee. she did accept and say yes. congratulations to them. there is a shocking death in hollywood. a well known star collapses inside this los angeles home. we'll tell you who. making progress, senate democrats confidently advance health care legislation making it to a ache or break. and a -- make or break. and a dc controversy. an officer pulled out a gun and what began as a fun day in the snow. the east coast is buried in snow. now it's time to dig out. i'll meteorologist bernadette woods. the snow is gone but the cold temperatures linger. i'll have your temperature when we return.
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we have some new information about a young hollywood actress brittany murphy report ed lease collapsed in the morning she -- reportedly collapsed this morning. >> they tried to resuscitate her and then they put her in the fire truck and her husband was here just wandering around in his pajamas bottom just completely daysed and shocked. >> shortly later she was pronounced dead at cedar-sinai medical center. murphy appears to have died of
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natural causes but an autopsy is planned for either monday or tuesday. murphy starred in such movies at eight-mile and that breakout film clueless. well, the health care de bay is heating up. -- debate is heating up. the democrats managed to secure 60 supporters that they will need. rop can lawmakers -- republican lawmakers fired back at those accusations. >> if we do nothing insurance premiums are going to double. i'm amazed as i hear republican after republican go to the floor. the way they would have it is the insurance companies would cancel tiny town for a preexisting condition. >> now, the key note is part of democrats trying to push that in time of the holidays. police in washington dc are investigating a snowball find
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that turned violent. a plain clothes officer pulled his gun. there is no evidence that the officer actually pointed the gun at anyone specifically but they are conducting a full intirnl investigation. well, the snow -- internal investigation. well, the snow dumped more than two feet of snow in some places including parts of baltimore. katherine brown explains that cities large and small are faced with a massive cleanup. >> reporter: winter doesn't officially beginl monday. but try telling that to hundreds of thousands along the east coast. many still digging out from one of the biggest storms on record. >> yes. i wasn't ready for it actually. i thought it was only going to be six inches. >> reporter: try 26 inches in the long island neighborhood. the biggest snowfall since 1947. philadelphia got 23 inches. crews have been working around the clock to make travel safer, but airports in the northeast
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may have taken the hardest hit. in the new york area they cancelled 800 flights. >> they told us the next available booking would be thursday. christmas eve. so i'm very frustrated right snu and that frustration is rippling across the country. jodi is waiting in phoenix for her flight to miami. she supposed to change planes in philadelphia. >> it's a very long wait. i'm praying. >> reporter: and hoping for the best. like everyone else in the storm's path. the storm hurt retailers who depend on the weekend before christmas to boost holiday sales. america's research group estimates shopping in the storm zone was down 40-80% on saturday and as much as 50% on sunday. >> i didn't shop yesterday because i didn't want to shop yesterday. i didn't want to do anything. >> reporter: and with shoppers snowed in , websites offered free express shipping. website traffic spiked all weekend. in new york, katherine brown,
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wjz eyewitness news. and michael bloomberg says retailers are lucky the storm hit noon and may not have had a big hit on retail sales. however, one department store had some big problems of its own today. a two alarm fire faced the macy's store to evacuate its customers. the blaze was put out quickly but some heavy smoke conditions were simply too dangerous for shopping. the fire broke out at an escalator. there is still no exact cause. that is recognized as the largest department store in the world. well, christmas is coming and in vatican city that means it is time for pope benedict's annual blessing. >> the pope gave his message. they came to hear him speak as the pope wished everyone a merry christmas. it certainly looks christmassy out there right now. is that going to stick around?
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will we have a white christmas? >> we do have a little bit of melting. temperatures not getting out of the 30s the next couple of days. >> yes. >> so when we get into christmas, it's probably going to be white on the ground. however, there is another storm coming christmas day that may bring some rain. that could mess things up. >> that's not very christmassy. >> the next couple of days the weather does quiet down. it's the refreezing that's the issue. >> uh-huh. >> it all got out of here. the sunshine returned. you request see there may be a -- you can see there may be a few flurries out tonight. it's just really not a lot to it. for the rest of us, northwest winds still in effect even though they're coming down. that is keeping the cold air in place. 27 degrees right now in baltimore. 31 in dc. below freezing now in ocean city. actually everyone on this entire map now below freezing. so anything that did break up, a little bit this afternoon, even
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to the point is going to become ice overnight. now, we do have a wind chill to factor in here too. you can see 18 is what it feels like in baltimore. so it is cold out there tonight and it will be so tomorrow morning. here is that weak storm out to the west. it is going to sort of pass by to our north. not a lot to it. but as it does, we're going to see some clouds from time to time and that is about it. when it gets out of here, another round of cold air comes in for wednesday. a lot of sunshine with that cold air. highs in the low 30s. temperatures really dropping again on wednesday night. that sets the stage for our next storm. this is the one coming thursday into friday for us. it's going to be a big storm over the middle of the country. but this one looks like it's going to cut a little farther to the west for us as compared to heading off shore. so what that means is it passes by to the west. it keeps us in the warm side of the storm. could start as an icy mix which is not what we want at all but changing over to the rain as it draws some of the air. later christmas day. but that is what we're watching later on the week.
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out on the water small craft advisories are in effect. tonight temperature wise we're going down to 19 degrees. then as we head through the day tomorrow, we are going to recover to about 38. that's it. mixed clouds and sunshine. but take a look at the next few nights. temperatures well below freezing. then here comes the next storm christmas day something we will be keeping a close eye on. >> thanks. coming up in sports, a recap of you can tell when a salad's fresh express...
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hello, everyone. five days before christmas. as the purple birds clue up the chicago bears and spit them out 31-7. we have the show and tell of a demolition derby for a playoff berth. >> it's a second straight decisive win at home for the ravens. tonight it's a big win over the chicago bears. on chicago's first two possessions, two interceptions
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by the ravens defense. this one by linebacker jarod johnson and each of the early picks led to touchdown passes. made it 15-0 and the ravens never trailed and had a 31-7 victory. >> we take their mistakes and capitalize on them. it really takes them out of their game. they know that they can't make any mistakes. they have already made a couple of them. they can't make anymore. so it really takes them out of their game plan. and i think we did that quite well today. our defense definitely did. >> reporter: the ravens forced six chicago turnovers to tie a record and with the record of eight wins and six losses, a playoff berth is well within reach. >> we can't win the next following game. so en sdwroi in tonight and -- enjoy this tonight and understand we have pittsburgh coming up and we have to concentrate on that. we have to have these next two
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games in order to get ourselves in the playoff. >> be our best when the best is needed and the best is needed. one thing we know is we control our own destiny. right now the way things are panning out, we can't really know. but it's panning out for us to go out and win games. >> reporter: one potential downer to the win, one on crutches after the game with an unspecified leg injury. next spot for the ravens, pittsburgh with a battle for the steelers. back to you. >> okay. thank you, mark. pittsburgh already installed at two and a half favorite. here is tennessee titan quarterback vince young. look at it going way down field. that scored and stood 17-6 tennessee. a little bit later tied at 24 all in ot. and on the possession upset rob's 42-yard field goal is
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good. game winner. titan beat miami 22-24. also today in new york, bills hosting the patriots. tom brady to marks. what else is knew? 13 yarder good. and it's new england over buffalo 17-10. and finally in pro hockey, capitals over the oilers 4-2. they are 22-8-6. that is a pretty good record. >> yes, it is. >> all right, stan. still to come on wjz tonight, the winter storm made for
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real quick we want it run through the big school closings. baltimore city, baltimore county, carroll county, also cecil county, frederick, hartford and harper county schools are all closed for monday. those are the big ones. we're going to update this list all day


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